The Memory Palace

Hello Guys, today we are here to teach you a technique known as the memory Palace. You could use it to store a list of items in a more fun way than you have been doing. It would be quite lengthy so read on and have fun.

Let’s say you want to remember a 5 item grocery list consisting of:

1. Banana
2. Tomatoes
3. Meat
4. Egg
5. Water

NB: You need to actually visualize the following in your mind for
it to work.
But instead of doing that through repetition, you imagine trying to open your
front door at home, your key falls from your pocket and in an attempt to pick it
up, the key began to grow larger and larger until it developed legs to walk. This key
stood in front of you, obviously taller in height now and opens the door for you by
itself and as you enter through the front door, you stepped on something soft and
when you checked it was a banana someone had left there. Walking into your
living room you saw a box with the inscription vegetables. You deepen your hand
into it only to find out there is an unripe tomato. Finally you enter your kitchen
and to your amazement you realize that ants have set up a complete factory with
some cutting meat, others carrying eggs and some fetching water. The most
interesting part is as these ants notice your present they all scattered. You have to
exaggerate the visuals.
That was a long piece up there. The technique used above is known as the memory
palace. What you did there, you created a memory palace which fired a lot of
sensory neurons in the process. With time you would be able to create more solid
ones that would fire neurons for all five senses. We would explore these techniques
in greater detail. You succeeded in creating a web of neurons which link to one
another. When you memorize this way, it becomes difficult to forget what you
have learn. Do you take notes while you learn for future reference? Now, with the
following memory hacks all you may need is to document the way you stored that
information in your notes instead of writing the information itself on paper. For
ex, when you are trying to remember the 5 item list above, all you have to do is to
remember how you stored it and remembering one scene would lead to another
and another and before you know it, you would have remembered the entire list in
order. This is far useful, since the memory stays for a very long time.


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How would you like to learn once and never forget?

Hi there, are you a student, a worker or do you hate sitting for hours just to store some outdated information into your head for some so called exams? Then we share something in common. In this post i would help you out. How would you like the idea of learning once, understanding better and never forgetting what you  learn. In this post, i would give you a super power that can help you impress that cute girl whose number you have wanted for all these years. Yes i mean a super power. About a year ago, i asked myself a question and it went this way: “How is it that some people do extremely well in their exams with but very little effort while others have to burn the night candle only to scratch the surface of what they can do”. This question has lead me to a long term search. And finally i am done. My findings show that the so called sharks aren’t any special but they store information differently than others do and a mere sight observation to decode their formula would lead you into believing that you learn just like they do. But then you may be wrong. Let me introduce you to the person who inspired me to dig deeper. Don’t worry i am not a married man so it is definitely not my wife. His name is Jim Kwik. Jim Kwik at a very young age had a neurosurgery which later dulled his memories ability to store information. He had to study all the time just to keep up with lectures. While at the university, the quantity of information he needed to load himself with had him study sleepless nights and for almost a week (at least for a long time) without food. While on his way to the library he fell off the stairs and went unconscious. At the hospital he was taken to, the nurse brought him a cup of coffee and on the side of the cup was a quote by Albert Einstein that went “Insanity is doing same thing over and over in the same way and expecting a different result”. Instantly, something clicked in his mind, he thought to himself that he must do something about his learning. And he did. Today Jim kwik  stores large amounts of information in his head within a very short time and can remember every bit of it for a very long time. When i heard his story, i knew that everyone could do same.

Let me introduce you to one technique the so called smart people use to store phone numbers. I use it and it doesn’t fail if used properly. One Monday afternoon, i was on my way to buy an extension board from the electrical shop when i met an old school mate who now studies at legon.  After our short and very formal chat, i decided to take her number because, not doing so may not really show i care. Unfortunately i left my mobile phone at home thanks to Ghana’s ever decreasing power supply. To show my little super power, i asked her to give me her number and then she went about mentioning it in an old, traditional way that makes it difficult to store. So i taught her how the mind could easily store an information if it was well formatted. In this example, i would not be using the ladies number even though i can vividly remember because she is not aware of this post but then for illustration sake, i would use our LixWeb’s contact. I asked her to instead mention the first 4 parts of the number and then mention the rest in twos. Like this, 0549 17 97 73. If you live in Ghana and use a phone, chances are you are already familiar with the existing operator codes such as 020 or 050 or 024 or 054 etc. So when you mention the first four parts of the number, your mind only needs to store 1 new number which is so easy for it to do. The first three digits just reminds you that the number is an MTN or Vodafone or Airtel or Tigo etc. number. So the format is a 1 2 2 2 formula. Meaning your mind keeps 1 new digit, followed by 2 new digits and then another 2 and another 2.   Woooooohu! Congrats guys, you have just succeeded in learning one technique of the smart minds. This works on the premise that the mind finds it easier to store things chunk-ed in little bits and a well defined format than huge chunks. Try this until you become good at it and you would really be happy with your newly found super power. LixWeb is taking this subject of memory and retention to the extreme level. We  have a very big surprise  for the world. We would keep you updated as we progress. LixWeb really wants to help you reduce the time spent on books by a whooping 70% and thus would be giving out a book titled “A Journey Into Memory” authored by Hini Majesty Nunana. This book would be made available on but would be accessible to only the people who give lixweb a like on facebook. I hope that is a fair trade. We would keep you updated  when the book is hosted. Please like, comment, and share.